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Consignor Information and Terms of Agreement


Consigning is as EASY as 1, 2, 3…4!

  1. Register as a consignor.

  2. Log & tag your items.

  3. Items are collected.

  4. Get PAID!  (and feel great about unsold items donated to WABC)

No need to take photos and list items individually, arrange various pick ups of sold items, track how long items have been held in consignment or worry if donated items are reaching the women who need them!​


In an effort to make this sale both easy and profitable for consignors, we've attempted to address any possible questions in the information below.  Please read this information thoroughly before contacting PYB with any questions and registering as a consignor. If you have a question or need clarification on anything, please ask!

What we accept

There is no restriction on brands - this sale is ideal for brands like Loft, H&M, American Eagle Outfitters, Old Navy, Universal Thread (Target), and Abercrombie & Fitch.  Items must be in very good to excellent pre-owned condition with no obvious tears, stains, other flaws, or pet hair.  Ask yourself, “Would I be thrilled to pass this on to a friend?” and "Would I be thrilled to find this is I was shopping the sale?"

A few additional guidelines –

  • A limit of 25 items will be accepted per consignor.

  • Summer & Fall only – for this sale, we will only accept summer and fall clothing items, accessories and footwear - no heavy winter coats or cold weather accessories (hats, gloves, etc.)

  • No jewelry – other accessories such as hats, light scarves, and handbags are okay.

  • No underwear or swimwear – please no underwear, socks, tights or swimwear.  If you have new underwear or socks you would like to donate to WABC, we will gladly accept them at the sale.



We didn’t call it Closet Clearance for nothing!  This sale is designed to help you clear you closet, make some extra cash, and pass the rest along to a great cause – all in one weekend!  You are encouraged to price items at 80% or more off the retail price.  Price your items right to turn lookers into buyers. 

  • Prices should be in whole dollar amounts and no lower than $2.

  • There will be no discount time frame for this one-day sale so make prices your “best and final offer” before you are ready to part with them as a donation.  Items not purchased at the sale will be donated to Women’s Advocacy Coalition: Baltimore or retained for resale by Project Your Best to raise additional funds for WACB.  Unsold items will NOT be reclaimed by consignors.

  • Low prices, high percentages!  We are encouraging you to keep prices low in exchange for a 65% earning percentage.  Traditional consignment shops typically offer consignors 50% of the selling price that they set. 


Item Logging & Pick Up

After registering, you will be assigned a Consignor ID that will be used to track your sales.  Along with that ID you will receive a form (Microsoft Excel) to enter your item information.  That form (.xlsx) must be emailed back to Amanda to generate your tag file..  A digital file will be created and emailed back to you so that you can print (card stock preferred), separate, and tag your items.  

  • Item pick up:  Registered consignors will select from a range of days prior to the sale for items to be picked up from their home by Amanda.  Alternative arrangements can be made if necessary.

  • Items should be freshly cleaned, ready to wear and tagged, but do not need to be hung as this will be done by sale staff.   It is recommended that you prepare items for pick up in a large shopping bag or box that does not need to be returned.

  • Items will be counted and checked for sale standards.  Anything that does not qualify for the sale will be donated or recycled.


Consignor Fee & Payout

A $10 consignor fee will be charged via PayPal at the time of registration, applies to only one individual, and is non-refundable.  A consignor PayPal or Venmo account will be required at registration.  Sellers will receive their payout within one week of the sale via their registered account. 

By registering as a Consignor for the Closet Clearance event you agree:

  • You are registering to sell the accepted women's wardrobe items as described above.

  • You will price items according to the pricing suggested above.

  • All of the items come from one household and are the legal property of said household.

  • Items that do not sell will be donated to Women's Advocacy Coalition: Baltimore or sold for an additional cash donation to WACB and no receipt will be provided.

  • The PayPal or Venmo account information provided at registration is accurate and is the way you will receive your payout within one week of the sale.