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At the beginning of September, I posted a poll on my Instagram Stories asking if you plan your outfits ahead or wing it every day when you get dressed. I was genuinely shocked when nearly two thirds of you responded that you don't plan ahead!

I'd be in serious closet-clearing, huffing distress every morning if I didn't plan ahead. Or I'd give up and wear yoga pants. And I don't do yoga.

I'm sure you've heard about the merits of meal planning and prepping on Sundays. Maybe you even participate in this proactive approach. I feel the same way about outfit planning.

For meal planning you consider what's on the agenda for the week (late meetings, sporting events, etc), factor in the weather, what you have on hand, and maybe even your latest Pinterest finds. Then you can plan a grocery list, assemble the components and lay it all out for the week.

The weather, items on your agenda, your existing wardrobe, and what you've been inspired by are all factors in outfit planning too. Considering your wardrobe the way you consider your meals will help you consolidate chores like laundry and ironing (spraying with wrinkle releaser) and decision making like what shoes or accessories to select. Planning your outfits ahead will result in less stress, more time (HOT coffee!), and a more put-together feeling each morning. Plus, you'll almost always be happier with the way you look and that has tons of implications for how you experience your day.

For those new to or unsure of weekly outfit planning I have two main tips or strategies for success. The first is finding inspiration. The second is recording it.

For several years now, I have followed several (up to a dozen) monthly style challenges to help inspire my daily looks. Style Challenges are daily or weekly prompts designed to inspire you to get dressed. Some motivate you to participate with a prize and others just create a wonderful community of women following the prompts and sharing their best looks. After years of playing along, I decided to host one this month. The #BeSeenStyleChallenge is a month of daily prompts - developed with moms in mind - to help you get dressed each day. Find out more information about this style challenge on my Instagram and follow along for a month of fun (and we do have some great prizes!)

I'll admit I'm a paper planner person although I use my digital calendars for major appointments or events. My planner still gets my sticky note to-do lists, random scribbled ideas, and goals. I used to modify a weekly To-Do list paper pad into my outfit planner, but realized that I could create one that already included all the components I needed. My "Get Dressed This Week" Outfit Planner will help you plan your looks for the week and keep track of style challenge prompts if you're playing along. I hope you download it and become more proactive with your wardrobe.

Please let me know if you plan to play along with the #BeSeenStyleChallenge or if you're using the Outfit Planner. After all, October is the month of dressing up. Mamas, don't let the little ones have all the fun. Get dressed and allow yourself to Be Seen!

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