Pretty & Easy Thanksgiving Packing Plan

If your week is as busy as mine and your kids are partially not in school like mine, I know your To Do List is long and time is even shorter than usual. Let me take care of one item on your list - planning what to wear and pack for your Thanksgiving travels.

(If you're not traveling/living out of a suitcase, the looks below may still provide some outfit inspiration for the week's festivities!)

This plan covers Wednesday through Saturday and should easily fit in a carry on (if you're flying, God love you!) or weekender bag.


Wednesday day - travel day

Wednesday night - GNO with high school buds

Thursday - eat, nap, be grateful

Friday day - shop, travel again, lounge

Friday night - date night courtesy of grandparents

Saturday - travel day

The Plan

The following six looks can be created from the items below with strategic repeating along the way.


striped cardigan

camo tee

comfy denim

slip-on sneakers


chambray button down

embellished sweater

side slit sweater

button down blouse

graphic tee

dressy (elastic waist) joggers

dark denim

leopard flats


fun earrings x2

The Looks

Wednesday day - travel day

Mix some prints and wear your comfiest denim for your travels. Slip-on sneakers are great for the airport or a drive across state lines.

Wednesday night - GNO

Double denim is about as fancy as I need to get for a night out in my hometown. Wedge booties and some fun earrings are a little nod to kid-free time!

Thursday - Happy Thanksgiving

Your Thanksgiving Day outfit should be built around two words - 1) elastic and 2) waistband. These dressy joggers were made for a day of feasting. An embellished sweater is easy but festive and leopard flats are always a good idea in my book.

Friday day - shop, lounge, or travel

We switch families (travel down the turnpike) on Friday so comfort is key but another turkey dinner awaits so we need to be table-ready too. A chambray layered under a side slit sweater is put together but functional. Leopard flats keep the look interesting and a bit elevated. Don't forget - you already wore the jeans once to travel on Wednesday so even post-turkey, they're gonna fit fine!

Friday night - date night

If the stars align, the hubs and I will get a night out ...but be in bed by 10 pm after all the day's activities. A pretty blouse, special earrings and long, dark denim are adult dinner (and maybe a movie) appropriate. Again, re-worn denim and a flowy blouse are strategic if, like me, you've just been through three Thanksgiving meals.

Saturday - travel day

On the road again in a repeated cardi, pants, and slip-ons with a new graphic tee. Goals = be comfortable and get home safely.

If they fit, I plan to add my black leather jacket and a black satchel for GNO and date night. I might also add a long pendant necklace to Friday's look to make it a bit more polished for Thanksgiving dinner #3.

I really hope this packing plan is useful as you get everyone's suitcases put together this week. If you can't follow it exactly, consider following the pattern of repeating items and strategic layering. Don't forget to consider how your Thursday outfit coordinates with the rest of your families for reasons I explained here.

Finally, I hope you feel pretty and comfortable where ever you're headed this week and that love feels abundant.

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