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As Seen In - Tan, High-Waisted Pants

I am so excited to share this new series of posts that will demonstrate just how easy it is to create first-class style with secondhand items!

As Seen In is a feature that highlights how to recreate an outfit or specific item in a recent publication with pre-loved pieces. Having updated, on-trend style is achievable without always shopping new. Shopping secondhand is better for your budget, kinder to the earth, and awesome for creating a unique personal style.

The March 2019 issue of Real Simple magazine features a basic I love - high-waisted pants - styled three ways. The pants photographed are Paper Bag trousers costing $60 from H&M.

I found a bunch of similar options on thredUP (at about 1/4 of the cost or less) that will help you achieve the same look if you don't already have this essential in your closet. A straight, trouser, or wide leg will emphasize the narrow, high waist.

Each of the three looks - casual, classy, and professional - can be completely re-created using thrifted items from thredUP:

Tee and Sneakers

High-Neck Top

Scarf and Trench Coat

Which option do you like best? Could you spin any of these outfits using items from your own closet?

If you have a closet full of clothes but constantly feel like you have nothing to wear contact me so I can help you Shop Your Closet and fall in love with your wardrobe again. If 2019 is your year to pump the brakes on fast fashion and create a more sustainable closet, I can help you do that too. Contact me for secondhand personal shopping services.

I can't wait to help you get more for your money, slow the fashion industry's harmful effects on the environment, and create a truly unique, personal style.

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