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Hosting The Holidays

Friends and family will soon be pouring in your door as you pour the drinks and serve the meal. It's a wonderful chance to catch up with extended family and make memories with those you're closest to. If you are hosting some type of holiday event this year, there's a lot on your plate. Did you get the plates?! Here are three quick, easy, and functional looks that will suit the most casual get together or a more polished affair. I'm also sharing a few hostess style Do's and Don'ts that will help you feel put together as you're putting the meal together...and avoid any safety hazzards!

Look 1: Pearl necklace / Graphic tee / Dark skinnies / Velvet sneaker Look 2: Dangle earring / Velvet peplum top / Ponte pants / Fun flats Look 3: Tassel earring / Floral dress / Black booties Look 1 is a kicked up version of the jeans and tee look you'd wear any old day. Make the graphic tee something fun and festive, add a little sparkle with a short necklace or earrings, and trade in your usual sneaks for something a little more jazzy. (The pair featured has awesome reviews!) Look 2 is right up my alley. At first glance, a sleeveless top may not seem practical for a winter gathering, but you're not leaving the house, remember! And if you're planning to spend time parked in front of the fireplace, I mean oven, all day you'll probably be grateful for those bare arms Dangle earrings add a little 'fancy' to a textured (velvet, lace, brocade, or a chunky knit are great) top and polished but comfortable pants. Add fun flats and you're set! Look 3 is practical and beautiful! Tassel earrings provide a pop of color near you face and look great with your hair pulled back - ponytail friendly! A dark floral midi dress hides any random food splashes and is long enough to keep you comfortable as you bend and stretch all over the kitchen. And yes, your holiday meal prep counts as cardio! A block heel is sturdy, but gives you some height to complete the festive boho look. Holiday Hostess Style Do's and Don'ts Don't: - pile on heavy knits or layers. You're going to be on the move and in front of that oven so you'll be creating your own warm and fuzzy feeling. - accessorize with long necklaces or scarves. Lighting candles, transfering dishes in and out of the oven, sinks full of soapy's a disaster waiting to happen! - wait to get ready until your food is done and guests are at the door. Plan your look so that you can manage at least final preparation while you're wearing it. Otherwise, you may be greeting guests in your robe. Do: - pick simple pieces with special details. Let a well-placed plaid, pearl, tassel, or stud accent make an easy piece holiday-ready. - wear colors and patterns that can stand up to food stains and hugs from relatives with a... ahem passion for makeup. I'm not saying avoid all white, but... - bring the focus to the part(s) of yourself you love most. Highlight your legs in slim pants or a skirt, bare your beautiful arms in a tank or cold shoulder top, or use a statement earring to show off your gorgeous eyes. I hope these looks and tips will help you put together an outfit you love for all your hosted events. Of course, regardless of how you're dressed, I hope you can focus on precious time spent with those you love - laughing, eating, and making lifelong memories. #holidaystyle #hostess

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