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Mom Style Staples - Casual Sneakers

Let's be honest - shoes are optional most days.

If you were leaving your house this summer, sandals (flip flops) were easy enough to throw on and worked for nearly any "occasion". However, now that temps are dropping, an actual shoe is required when stepping out in public. Fear not, because ease and comfort can still be top of mind with sneakers designed for the street not the track.

I'm betting you own at least one of these styles, but if not they are easy to find secondhand for the same reason - the "trend" of casual or fashion sneakers has been around for years and isn't going anywhere.

The shoe options below were all sourced from thredUP via a quick search and the styling examples (plus many more) are saved on my Pinterest board here.

Let's talk about 4 main styles and how to wear them.

White Lace-Ups

White Lace-Ups don't need to be entirely white, but the less color and embellishment, the more versatile the sneaker becomes. These are a "refined", preppy style that can be worn at least 3 seasons of the year. Selecting a machine-washable pair or one in wipeable leather will make it easy to keep them looking their best for years.

Style white lace-ups with everything from a tailored suit to a floral dress to a pair of knit joggers. They look magically chic with office attire (not like you're a lunch-time power walker) and are a great way to transition summer dresses to fall. Pairing this style with an athleisure outfit adds a little polish and accentuates the "leisure" vibe.


Wedge sneakers come in a variety of styles, fabrics, colors and patterns, but they're all sure to "elevate" your outfit. ; ) Actually, I think these are one of the more casual options of the bunch. When I think of this style the words/phrases "funky", "edgy", "urban" and "Sporty Spice" come to mind.

When styling wedge sneakers, picture adding a feminine flair to a sporty look like matched sweats or swapping them in for a pair of ankle booties. Great with skinny jeans and leggings alike!


Slip-ons are very similar to white lace-ups because they're super versatile, but they've usually got a bit more attitude. Texture, pattern and color play up the cool and casual, but effortless feeling this style brings to your outfit.

Pair slip-ons with casual dresses, skinny jeans, or joggers. They can be a great opportunity for adding a little edge (black leather), a little shine (hello metallic), or print (yes leopard) to an outfit of basics or statement pieces. Plus, they're obviously made to slip on and go, making them super mom-friendly.

Fashion Trainers

Fashion trainers run the gamut from funky to fancy, but I always appreciate the fun they add to a look. Bold patterns and shapes, non-athletic fabrication like velvet or suede, and cool color combinations mark this style of sneaker. Like what you'd wear to the gym, but make it fashion!

Style a bold-colored sneaker with an otherwise neutral outfit or allow them to inspire the colors of your outfit of the day. Use a patterned trainer to create a fun print mix with your top or accessories. Add interest to a basic jeans and tee look with a color pop or cool texture.

With these four sneaker styles you'll get plenty of mileage outside the gym. You likely already own at least one option because they've been in stores for years, but if you're feeling inspired to try another, shop secondhand first! Trendy items that have had staying power are some of the easiest pre-owned pieces to find because others have been quick to jump on the hot thing and then realized it didn't work for them. You can save an item from the landfill, get an awesome deal, and try the trend yourself with less investment. Sites like thredUP and Poshmark make it easy to shop online for the category or style that catches your eye.

Once you find a pair you love, search Pinterest for outfit inspiration and then shop your closet to make them your own. Which sneaker style are you most likely to style this fall?

All my Best,


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