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Rockin' One Pieces

By no means am I saying that women who have birthed children are banned from sporting a bikini. I have several. Which I'll wear whenever my husband and I go on our next kid-free tropical trip. He tells me this will happen just as soon as the mortgage is paid off.

In the meantime, I'm more likely to need a swim suit for the neighborhood pool, a visit to a bayside marina, or a family trip to the shore. And all those scenarios involve lots of hands-on time with my kids - playing, swimming, throwing diving toys, building in the sand, and the stress of keeping them all safe. At 6, 4, and nearly 2 years old having my kids around the water is still more "lifeguard on duty" vs. "drinks by the pool."

A one piece suit keeps everything locked and loaded while the extra fabric (compared to a bikini) allows for a wide variety of design and style elements. Here are a handful of my favorites from Target right now. One of the best aspects of Target's swim offerings this season is the availability of the same design across the full range of sizes.


If you're game to rock a Baywatch suit more power to ya, but in the event that you aren't keen on a leg hole reaching your first rib or the scoop neck reaching your navel these are some great options. Side cut-outs highlight a toned torso while a ruched mid-section is flattering on everyone. The blue and black suits would also offer decent support for anyone with a larger cup size.

Color Block

These are some of my absolute favorite options! The print top/solid bottom options give the illusion of a two-piece and offer nice definition at the waist. The middle suit with solid blocks on the sides creates a super-slimming line down the middle of the body.


If I asked you to picture a printed one piece, would you envision big tropical flowers? Those options still exist, but the prints on these two suits are pretty and functional. The diagonal lines and detail at the waist create a slimming effect without the need for any binding fabric. These two options also feature a high neckline which is ideal for participating in your little ones' most active endeavors.

Crochet Detail

If you love the idea of a plunging neckline but it's entirely impractical for your poolside plans, the suit on the left makes great use of crochet detail to give the look of one. You'll have to take my word for it until you see it online, but the suit on the right (in addition to being striped which is always a win for me) has awesome crochet, or is it macrame, detailing on the back. The wrap-style top is a flattering feature too!

What is your favorite detail or one piece style? Did I mention these are all Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off right now?! Target has so many options available online (13 pages!) so these 10 options are just a small selection of what they have to offer. Even better - because we know that getting the right fit can be tough - Target is offering free shipping and returns so you can order a few styles or sizes in a style you love so you have the best chance at finding your new favorite!

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