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How To Check
Potential Resale Value

In this quick tutorial I will show you two ways to look up current sold prices on the resale platform Poshmark to help you determine which of your unworn items are worth cash in your pocket!

Willing to list your items and get the most money back on your investment? Join the Cash In Your Closet course and I'll show you exactly how to go from beginner to successful seller on Poshmark! Clear out unwanted items from every room in your home then help your friends and family do the same. Whether you want a little extra income or are looking for a flexible part time job, selling on Poshmark is an awesome option! 

Cash In Your Closet includes 4 pre-recorded, self-paced classes with guided worksheets and access to a private Facebook group where myself and other CIYC alum will answer your questions, help you troubleshoot and cheer for your latest sales!  

Want to get some cash back for your clothes without doing any of the work? My Once-Loved Wardrobe Concierge service is like the 1-800-GOT-JUNK for your closet! I'll come to your home, price check all of the clothing, shoes & accessories you no longer want & offer you a payout on the spot. Plus I'll haul away those items deemed best for donation. Available in parts of Baltimore and Harford County, MD.

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