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Summer Staples Wardrobe Guide

Participating in #contentmentin2018 or just want to stop stuffing an already-full closet?  Perhaps you're looking for a bit of inspiration for your summer wardrobe that already feels so... basic?  


The Summer Staples Wardrobe Guide is designed to give you more than 5 weeks of easy, practical looks that will help you love and make the most of your existing summer wardrobe.

What can I expect?

The SSWG consists of:

* a wardrobe checklist (with visuals) of all the summer staples (i.e. printed shorts, white tee, solid-color skirt, metallic sandals) used to build the looks

* shoppable links to any items you want to add or update in your wardrobe (nothing over $35)

* 26 unique, pre-styled looks to cover every weekday during the month of July + 4 extras

* access to a private site with weekly look plans, style tips, and quick tricks

What if I don't have all of the items on the wardrobe checklist?

The short answer is - no problem!

If you're missing a couple of items there are still more than enough combinations to get you through the month (probably more than double what I put together).  If your items don't look exactly like the ones pictured - also no problem.  Mine don't either!  The SSWG is designed to help you use what you already have (items that hopefully reflect your personal style*) in inspired, new ways.  Following the basic item categories (and styling tips) will result in your own great summer style.

What if I work outside my home during the summer?

The SSWG is geared toward casual summer style most appropriate for work-at-home and stay-at-home moms, but those working in settings outside the home can still use it to make the most of their summer wardrobes.  Looks that include more casual tops and bottoms (e.g. a gray tee and denim shorts) can be swapped with a blouse or trousers to make those looks more work appropriate.  The casual looks can always be used for evenings and weekends - or whenever you're not in your work duds.  AND there's no rule that the looks can only be used in July!  Use the wardrobe guide for the remainder of the summer if you'd like.

*If you're not sure about your personal style THIS is my favorite clothing personality quiz and a good place to start!