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Cash In

Your Closet

Turn your family's unused things into meaningful income

Of course you could Google your way from beginner to effective, efficient reseller (that is what I did), but you don't have a year's worth of time to watch hundreds of YouTube videos and trial-and-error out all the kinks. That is also what I did.

You know "The Home Edit"? (If you're picturing a pantry organized in a rainbow pattern, we're on the same page.) You could watch their videos, read magazine articles and follow organizer's accounts on Instagram to create a similarly organized and visually appealing pantry. It will likely take much more time, effort, and money, but you could do it. 

Reselling on Poshmark is the same, but learning through CIYC is like having Clea and Joanna Zoom with you straight to your pantry to tell you exactly where to move things and what containers to buy so your effort equals the desired outcome as quickly as possible.


In this course I will guide you through the process of creating and managing a profitable Poshmark closet by sharing the knowledge and tips I've picked up over the last few years on my way to becoming a top-rated, 5-figure, part-time seller.  

Whether your goal is to find good homes for your once-loved items (because you know donation often ends in a landfill) and earn some extra spending money or establish the skills necessary for a reselling side hustle that funds your next family vacation, this course will set you up for success!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have clothes with much resale value?

Be sure you're actually checking the current resale value and not basing that on original retail price (they don't always equate!) I share exactly how to do that here. One option is to lot similar items together to raise the overall listing price. You also need to think beyond clothes - you can sell home decor, kitchenware, pet supplies, skincare & makeup, and even electronics on Poshmark. 

What if I run out of things to sell?

If you sell all of the unused things under your own roof (Way to go!), I bet you have family or neighbors who also have unused things. Let them know you're reselling items to keep them out of landfills or saving toward a particular financial goal like paying for your daughter's dance competitions. So many people would be happy to give you their unwanted things that they were going to drop off in a donation dumpster anyway.

The other option is to shop for items to sell. Thrift stores, yard sales, and even regular retail stores are filled with undervalued items that you can purchase and resell on Poshmark for a profit. 

I don't have a lot of space to store inventory. How many items do I need to have to make sales on Poshmark?

Part of the beauty of starting your Poshmark closet with items already in your home is that they already have a place in your home! Once listed, I do recommend organizing them in a single place or maybe two, but there is not a minimum number of items needed to get started or to make sales. Standard 66 quart tote bins can easily hold 20-25 clothing items and can be stacked in a garage, closet or spare room.

My son/daughter is really into sneakers/fashion/gaming/Starbucks cups, can teens take the course and make money selling on Poshmark?

If I had known about...okay, if Poshmark had existed when I was a teen, I would have NEVER worked as a hostess at Red Robin! There are SO many teens and college students who are running full businesses by reselling to their peers and beyond on Poshmark. A natural interest in some category that sells on Poshmark (vintage tees, Jordans, makeup trends, activewear) is a great place to start!

Course Includes:

4 pre-recorded classes

digital/printable resources

access to a private Facebook group for 1-on-1 support

Course Fee:



Feedback from CIYC Participants

"I really enjoyed the class! I felt that it was well organized and the preparation was obvious. I found the slides easy to follow and very helpful in showcasing the most important information. I thought Poshmark would be easy...I had no idea how much there was to it, in order to be successful. I would recommend this to anyone else who might be interested. I feel more confident in listing items now."

"That morning I spent $85 and went home with a trash bag I couldn't even lift by myself! There were 53(?) pieces in that bag....all for resale. I listed my first item and it sold in two days. I invested $1.43 and made $16....and I am hooked!!

I may have only invested $1.43 but even more importantly...I invested in myself! And now...I know I can do this!! Thank you, Amanda for giving me the tools....and yay me for going for it!!"

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