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These wardrobe, styling, speaking and hosting services are designed to address the most frequent questions and challenges shared by my clients and community.  If the services described below don't fully meet the need you had in mind, please contact me so that we can put together a custom experience.  

Wardrobe & Styling Services

Secondhand Style Box


A truly personalized, budget- and earth-friendly shopping service delivered right to your doorstep.  Thrifting and secondhand shopping are great for your wallet and the environment, but it's a time commitment.  Let me do the shopping and styling for you and you'll receive it all to try on at home.  Purchase what you love and I'll take back what you don't.  

This service starts with a questionnaire to help me learn about your unique style and wardrobe needs.  I'll shop and create styling suggestions for each item which will be packaged and delivered to your home (shipping fees may apply).  Pricing for each SSB starts with a $25 "finder's fee".  Items in the box will be priced and purchased individually.  

Shop Your Closet


If you've got it, use it!  Have plenty hanging in your closet, but also have days when you're too tired/rushed/uninspired to put any of it together?  Or maybe you're the type that buys straight from the mannequin and then can't mix and match once the pieces are home? 

The Shop Your Closet service will give you weeks of go-to outfits so that getting dressed is fast (that coffee isn't getting any hotter), easy (brain cells are a precious commodity), and you can head out the door looking (and feeling!) beautifully put together. I'll guide you in creating outfits you love and provide a custom lookbook that features a set of pre-styled looks straight from your closet.

Shop Your Closet includes a 20-minute virtual consultation, 90 minutes of in-home wardrobe work, and a custom digital lookbook. 

Family Photos


Have you booked professional photos or just have an upcoming occasion (holiday gathering) where you'll have a family photo op?

Whether you're investing money in a professional or just DIYing those captured-on-film moments, having the right styling highlights your very important subjects. Your photos should feature you and your family members, not that bright cardigan or mis-matched prints.  A coordinated look will make the most of your investment and create a timeless snapshot of your family.

Family Photos includes a 20-minute virtual consultation, 60 minutes of in-home or virtual styling, and a custom digital file with a look for every member of your family.  Ideally items will be pulled from existing wardrobes, but shoppable links will be included for any needed items.

House Party


Does your book club, Bible study, or neighborhood mom group need a new topic? Or maybe you need an excuse to get your mom tribe together for an evening of fun and fellowship?

The House Party service is an interactive and educational session that I will deliver in the comfort of the host's home or any chosen space.  The specific topic and length of time can be customized for your groups interests and needs.  Ideas include:  1) How to pay for next year's sports' fees by cleaning out your closet, 2) Why personal style is really about serving others, or 3) Make getting dressed every day a form of self care and not self sabotage.

The House Party service includes 15-30 minutes of speaking/instruction and up to 20 additional minutes of an interactive activity. 

Swap 'Til You Drop

(starting at) $79

Do you and your friends ever offer clothes or accessories to each other when you purge your closet?  Does your mom group have an organization you'd like to raise funds for or donate clothing or other goods to?  

The Swap 'Til You Drop service includes the organization and hosting of a clothing and/or accessories swap in your home or other designated space.  I will help you plan the event, communicate participation guidelines to attendees, facilitate the swap on the event day, and assist with donation efforts after the event. You and the participants will have a great time passing along once-loved pieces and discovering new treasures for your wardrobe.

Swap 'Til You Drop service includes pre-event consultation and planning, assistance with space set-up, swap, and clean up on event day, and facilitation of donation delivery if requested.  Price will vary based on event size, number of participants, and time.length of event.

Gift of Style

price varies

Do you know a mama who deserves to shine, but doesn't have the time or focus to curate a closet that helps her do that? Is there a soon-to-be mama in your life who you want to see feel her best postpartum with a functional, easy wardrobe?  Do you know a boss mom who is changing roles (work to home, home to work-from-home, etc.) that deserves to put her best foot forward in this new season?

A Project Your Best gift certificate can be purchased for any of the services above or a custom solution for the recipient.  Perfect for the lady who never treats herself and may feel a bit hidden under all the hats she wears - the Gift of Style will help her feel like SHE is really being seen.  

Gift of Style can be purchased for any service listed above or a custom service can be created.  Digital gift certificate file available for email/print gift giving.

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Speaking & Hosting Services

Gift Certificates