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Style Define & Align

Who is that woman looking back at you in the mirror today?

Roles, responsibilities, relationships, sizes and circumstances change - sometimes dramatically - across the seasons of our life. During seasons of change, we prioritize others or the tasks that need done and we are last on the list. If we make the list at all.

I found myself asking, "Who is that?" to my reflection years ago when I was in the trenches of early motherhood.  With a 3yo and a baby on my hip, a thousand miles from friends and family, and suddenly a stay-at-home-mom I showing up to preschool drop off and pick up in the grungiest long sleeve tee and ratty sweatpants you ever did see. I was showing the outside world just how lonely, isolated, overwhelmed and lost I felt on the inside. I had no title. I had no job to report to. I had not reason to get dressed. I had nothing to show up for. So I wasn't. 

But I couldn't see myself like that in the mirror anymore. That wasn't Amanda.

I started getting dressed - committed to looking in the mirror and seeing ME again - even if my day consisted of nothing but sweeping up cheerios and running to the grocery store. I was going to step out of my bedroom at least looking like ME. Maybe then I would start feeling like ME too.

That was 2015. 

I started getting dressed. I rediscovered my personal style and made it work for the context of that season I was in. It was like unfurling a sail. The act of getting dressed and seeing ME again caught the wind and propelled me forward in so many areas of my life. I made mom friends and joined a moms' group. I found a way to volunteer with a group connected to my former career field. I ended up speaking at the United Nations. It was a huge sail!

2015, totally overwhelmed and feeling so lost as I navigated this new season of life

2016, speaking at the United Nations 5 months pregnant with my daughter

Present day with the exact long sleeve tee and sweatpants that changed everything in 2015

Are you ready to recognize the woman in the mirror again and unfurl your sail?

If this season of life has you feeling like you're being tossed in the waves, let's set a course. Recognizing the woman in the mirror again can be your compass. 

We'll meet virtually for up to one hour discussing your current wardrobe struggles and how it needs to work for you. Then we'll work though a Pinterest board-building exercise. When we're done you'll have:

  • the confidence to approach your wardrobe and clear out what isn't serving you,

  • strategies for putting together outfits for your everyday that help you see YOU again, and

  • a clear vision for making purchases that you'll love and actually wear


How does Style Define & Align work?

After booking your session, we'll work together to find a time that suits your schedule (weekday and weekend options are available.)  Then you get just a little bit of homework that helps us make the most of your session.

On the day of your session, get comfortable and grab drink. Don't worry if your closet is a mess or there are kids playing (or fighting) in the background - we're hanging out virtually and I'm a mom too!

We'll discuss what isn't working about your current wardrobe or style and the demands of your current season of life. Then we'll work through an activity to get to the heart of your unique personal style. We'll create the ultimate vision board that will help you see what elements (and combinations) come together to create a wardrobe that feels just like you.

This style vision board will be your guide when it comes time to clean our your closet, get dressed next Tuesday, or even while you're shopping and the mannequins (or influencers) all seem cute but you're not sure if it's really YOU. 

Defining your personal style, aligning it with your life and showing up as that woman more days than not will not change many of the circumstances of your life. It WILL change the way you show up to live you life. 

And that might be the most important thing.

If you're ready, simply fill out the form below and let's hang out. Let's unfurl your sail.

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