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To help fellow moms and busy women create sustainable wardrobes that make it easy for them to get dressed, feel their best, and pursue their unique purpose by uncovering the intersection between their personal style and lifestyle.  Women who feel their best will have the greatest positive impact on their families, their communities and the world.




I’m a wife, mom of three (10, 8, and 5), and suburban Baltimore resident.  My love of fashion started early.  By kindergarten, my mom was making me pick my outfit the night before and birthdays were not complete without a fashion show featuring any clothing I had just unwrapped.  I appreciate high end retailers and their style, but I am a bargain hunter at heart and don’t feel the need to sport a specific brand or its logo.  I can’t remember the last time I paid full price for a piece of clothing and recently committed to shopping secondhand or sustainably for all my wardrobe needs. 


As my family grew and I began transitioning out of a professional role, I found myself a little (lot) lost in the trenches of motherhood.  One symptom of that was my daily uniform of raggedy tees and sweats at preschool drop off AND pick up.  I realized that my outside was a direct reflection of how I felt on the inside – tired, overwhelmed, and confused about my identity. 

Getting dressed every day became a small way to rediscover myself and show the world the best of what I had on the inside instead of the hot mess I sometimes felt like.  I didn’t need to walk a red carpet.  I just wanted to look cute at the bus stop.  A little “dress for the job you want” combined with “fake it ‘til you make it” – it felt encouraging, energizing, and empowering.  And yes, maybe all I had to do that day was a couple of preschool runs, get groceries, and fold laundry, but I felt like “me” doing it. 

Now I get to help you feel the power of looking in the mirror and recognizing the woman looking back at you! I'm thrilled to help you rediscover your personal style, make more informed shopping choices and feel like you're projecting your best to the world each day! 

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