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A Cool Summer Combo

It's a rainy Monday here in Maryland, but it's cause for celebration as far as I'm concerned!

Reason #1 is that I don't have to worry about watering the flower pots that I finally filled with blooms last week! Reason #2 is that I LOVE gray days or cool summer nights that allow me to wear one of my favorite combos - long sleeves and bare legs.

The easy fashion formula can be adapted to any personal style, body type, and dressed up or down as needed. I went cute and casual for a Monday of errands and celebrating my little girl's third birthday - a thrifted linen crab sweater tucked into tie-waist linen shorts (that look like chambray) with some secondhand braided flip flops.

Combo #1 - lightweight sweatshirt + destroyed boyfriend cutoffs

Pick a sweatshirt with a beachy vibe, thin knit and maybe a little texture. A drapey cowl neck or hood add to the super casual feel. Destroyed cutoffs are perfect for pulling on over a bathing suit, riding bikes, or more practical activities like running errands.

Combo #2 - patterned cotton sweater + solid linen skirt

Not all sweaters need to be put away for the warm weather months. A thin cotton sweater, especially with stripes, is a great layer to keep on hand. Pair with a cotton or linen skirt to keep things easy, breezy! Bonus: pattern on top will draw the eye up, balance fuller hips or thighs, and highlight the face.

Combo #3 - loose-knit sweater + printed shorts

The opposite of above, a solid loose-knit sweater and (comfortable) patterned shorts, draw the eye down and balance a body that tends to feel top-heavy. With a knit this loose (holey), I recommend either matching the color of your sweater (especially if you want the option to remove it) or wearing a nude tank or cami underneath.

Combo #4 - graphic/detailed sweater + patterned shorts

This combo is the most fun and great to include in a vacation capsule because it can be broken down and used in multiple outfits so easily. This J. Crew surfboard sweater is one I see secondhand A LOT and there are tons of used options with pretty details so shop your closet or thrift for this item! Pick your favorite print for the shorts (or skirt) - stripes, dots, floral, or geometric - and they don't need to match, just go together.

Combo #5 - open button down shirt + graphic tee + denim cutoffs

A lightweight flannel or chambray button down is another layering piece you should leave one or two of in your closet for warmer months. A plaid flannel and concert tee will be a favorite for the natural/boho/edgy gals while a chambray or oxford topper and cheeky phrase tee will appeal to the classic/preppy ladies. Cutoffs don't always have to be destroyed like the pair shown above - this pair has a nice, longer length that could be worn cuffed if desired.

Combo #6 - lightweight open cardigan + cotton tank + linen skirt (monochrome palette)

This combination leans a little chic-er and a little dressier than the others with the single-color scheme. A monochrome look works for anyone, but is especially nice for petite frames because it creates a longer line up and down the body. When sticking to a single color, consider mixing textures for interest - a loose knit, smooth cotton, nubby linen, etc. The mix of three pieces also allows you to use one color but have slightly different variation in the hue without it looking mismatched.

I hope at least one of these combos sparked an idea from your closet and you'll give long sleeves and bare legs a try on the next cool(er) summer day! Or just on your next trip to the frozen foods aisle at the grocery store!

Which one are you most likely to wear?

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