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4 Easy Outfit Ideas For Fall

The leaves are falling and the calendar is filling up. You're at your busiest and your bandwidth for anything else is at capacity. And then somehow you're still expected to get dressed every day. Sheesh!

My solution for feeling put together in the busiest seasons is outfit formulas. It's like making cake from a box - minimal brain power required, substitutions are optional and the result is consistently good. If getting dressed "from scratch" every day is one more decision you dread making or the final product has been falling flat, here are 4 outfit formulas I'm sticking to this season plus a guide to creating your own "recipes".

Easy Outfit Formulas to Try This Fall

Long Sleeve Tee + Wide Leg Jeans + Clogs

This formula lends itself to all kinds of substitutions and additions but even the purest form feels polished and put together to me. Add a sweater vest for chilly days or sub in boots if clogs aren't your thing.

Blouse + Slim Leg Jeans + Flats

This combination is so darn easy but looks like you care. Is that rude? Swap in non-denim pants for the office if necessary and add heels if that's your thing. Some days I go really wild and balance the proper top and shoes with some distressing in the middle.

Sweater + Midi Skirt/Dress + Sneakers

Honestly, this is the one I'll take liberties with the most because jeans are my jam and I'll find a way to wear them almost daily. BUT it's a great time of year for midi dresses and skirts so I'm determined to wear them more. Keep your sneaks casual/elevated by avoiding styles you'd actually wear to the gym. Chelsea or tall boots are a great sub for the sneaks to take this look for a dressier spin.

Cardigan/Blazer + Short Sleeve Tee + Straight Leg Jeans + Sneakers

Weather still swinging wildly day to day or morning to afternoon? This is a great formula for you! A tee with a fun graphic, detail or pattern can stand alone if the temps warm up. Swap in flats, clogs or even boots depending on mood and where the day plans to take you.

If you made it through these 4 formulas and feel like these aren't's great! Because these are ME. And it's very possible that they're not you. They may not work for your life or your style or both. However, the concept of creating a handful of "box mix" outfits for a busy season is a good one. The trick is finding the ones that work for you. If you need some help, no worries - here's a free, quick guide to do just that.

Getting dressed should be one of the easiest parts of your day! The results should also help you face the day as your best self. Get dressed and do good, friend!

All my best,


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