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A Fantastic Thanksgiving Dressing Recipe

I cook nearly every night, but orchestrating the multiple sides, and turkey, and desserts for Thanksgiving is a whole other thing. The cooking times and temperatures, the fridge and freezer space, the "special" menu items that family members have to have on this Thursday in November... it's a lot.

While the food is taking up so much of your mental and physical energy, you still need to get dressed. Whether you're traveling, hosting, preparing or shopping this week getting dressed will help you do it from a better place. A place of serving yourself first and then having the capacity to serve others.

This is a week that requires both function and fashion. I've made it easy with this recipe - a 10-piece capsule that creates 4 days of outfits. It can even be mixed and matched for an extended stay.

P.S. My mom actually makes the best stuffing! It's basically white bread and butter and eggs - that's it - and it's so, so good. (Sorry I can't share it - I'll be calling her for instructions on Thursday as I make it!)

PREHEAT your closet with these 10 items. My hope is that these are "pantry staples" so there is no shopping required. Stick to a coordinating color palette for maximum mixability.

MIX ingredients in the following order:

For a day of travel or last-minute errands, keep it comfy and layered. Basic leggings can double as activewear if you're Turkey Trotting on Thursday morning. A long cardigan stands in for a robe if your relatives keep their house nice and crisp.

ADD just a dash:

Many of you shared on Instagram that your Turkey Day is a very casual affair, but the other half said the vibe is dressy casual. I say it's fun to look a bit smart for a family gathering (you know there's always the family photo ops) but you don't have to compromise comfort. A stretchy sweater dress (or any style with an elastic waist) is an easy one-and-done outfit that looks intentional. Add fleece-lined tights and booties, plus a headband or other hair accessory that keeps your locks out of the gravy! See - function and fashion!

Carefully FOLD IN:

Friday calls for a heaping spoonful of comfort - whether you're on the couch lounging (or shopping) or actually braving the stores. A better-than-basic sweatshirt and "dressy" joggers are the perfect combo.

Finally, TURN OUT into a prepared dish:

If Saturday is the first time you're getting out since Wednesday, make it a little special with real pants and cute boots. They can be your "comfy" jeans ;)

Oven times can be adjusted as needed:

Extending your stay? Swap the jeans in with the tee and cardigan or the lightweight sweater in with the joggers. You're all set for another couple of days!

Use this recipe for any busy week or long weekend travel during the fall or winter. It's a beautiful blend of versatile pieces from your closet that can be mixed and matched without a lot of extra thought or effort. It's like a well-stocked pantry.

If you're overwhelmed or discouraged about what a well-stocked closet looks like for you - I'd love to help you create the guide to make that easy. When you know your best colors and fits, understand your unique style characteristics, and place it all in the context of your life the result is the discernment to edit your existing wardrobe, the inspiration to get dressed everyday, and the confidence to shop for pieces you love and will actually wear. This all happens with a virtual Style Define & Align session.

Do good,


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