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Transition Your Closet To Fall With These 5 Items

If it still feels like summer (did you sing that phrase too?) where you live but you're ready to dress like it's fall, you're not alone. Retailers and brands have been pushing fall for what feels like (or may actually be) months now, so naturally we're craving cooler weather styles. The forecast, however, didn't get the memo.

The good news is, it's possible to catch a fall vibe even when sweatta weatha is far off. Here are 5 styles to pack away and what to replace them with:

Cotton Eyelet and Lightweight Waffle Knit

Cotton eyelet lace feels perfectly light and breezy for spring and summer... not ideal for fall. Swap those pieces out with a waffle or thermal textured knit. Flowy pieces will work best while temps are high, but more fitted tops will pair well with skirts and jeans as they drop.

Flowy Linen and Straight/Wide Leg Denim

Linen pants - wide leg, cropped or joggers - feel synonymous with spring and summer. Retire those for the season and slip into relaxed denim. If not for style points, the extra leg room makes jeans more bearable in the heat. Try a straight leg with a low (or no) amount of stretch in the fabric or go for a full wide leg.

Tropical Botanicals and Dark Florals

Island time is coming to an end (sadly for some) as we get back into the structure and schedules of the school year so the florals should follow. Palm prints, hibiscus flowers and parrots can be packed away, but moody florals (usually a smaller scale with a dark background) look right at home with the rest of your fall and winter pieces.

Espadrilles and Clogs

The classic rope-lined soles of espadrilles feel perfectly in step with spring and summer styles, but too light and casual for fall. Clogs are an awesome option - whether low or higher heeled - that feel sturdier and better suited to heavier fabrics and colors.

Raffia/Straw and Leather/Suede

Is there a more quintessential summer accessory than a straw bag? It is so tied to the season that it's one of the first things you can pack away as we approach September. Switch it out with a timeless leather or suede option. Suit your needs with a tote, crossbody or satchel in a classic neutral or a beautiful autumnal shade of green or burgundy.

All of these swaps can be paired with pieces you've been wearing all summer - tees and tanks, heeled sandals, cutoff shorts - to create cute and functional transitional outfits. If the forecast dictates that your seasonal closet swap is still a month or more away, these quick change outs will help you ease into fall.

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