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Cider & Spice Family Photos

The kids are (getting) back on a schedule, the temps are dropping, and family photographers have scouted great locations for fall family photos. Many photographers even offer mini sessions on-location at local apple orchards or pumpkin patches so that you can really make it a day of family fun.

Below are my color, print, and texture combinations for both of these amazing autumn backdrops. All items are from Old Navy, but many are wardrobe basics that you could pull from your own closets.

Apple Orchard

For a photo shoot in the orchard, I love a casual vibe and a palette inspired by the surroundings. Burgundy, olive, and tan are classic fall hues that will allow the focus to be on your family's smiling faces rather than their wardrobe. Keeping each look, especially the footwear, true to the setting allows your photographer to suggest more realistic and natural family poses and even some fun action that you couldn't pull off in heels or a suit. A neutral blanket and a couple baskets or silver pails would make excellent props for this delicious family shoot.

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkins provide such a burst of color, I love going with a black, white and gray base for these family photos. Denim and tan keep the palette from being too stark, but the key to this look is texture. Fleece knits, tweeds, leather, puffy vests, flannel, suede and even a cable knit offer tons of interest in neutrals. You'll notice that there are only touches of black in any individual's look rather than wearing the color head to toe. Especially in a pumpkin patch, this could end up looking a little witchy and becomes the focal point of the photo rather than the people in it. Similar to the styling in the Apple Orchard collage above, the vibe is casual and appropriate for the setting.

A Few General Tips

1. Ask for details about your location. Your photographer should be able to tell you a bit more about the exact location you'll be shooting in such as how far a walk it is from parking, is there a lot of greenery or a dried field in the background, and will there be an option for seated photos or just standing.

2. What's the prop situation? Will the photographer be providing any props appropriate for the setting or can you bring you own? If there's a place to sit, you may want to select a blanket that coordinates with your family's wardrobe. Sometimes with a mini session, a photographer will discourage props because it takes extra time to incorporate them, but if you have something very specific in mind you may be able to work it out and not detract from your session.

3. Mind the weather. September and October can be so tricky when it comes to temperature changes from morning to evening and even day to day. As you plan your family's looks, anticipate that you may need to wear an extra layer to the shoot location and then take it off for the photos or dress for warmer temps and add the extra layer to get the look you want in the photos. Above all, try to keep your kids comfortable for as much of the shoot as you can because happy kids make happy family photos.

For more apple orchard and pumpkin patch family photo inspiration, check out the PYB Family Photo Style board.

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