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Cute and Comfy

One of the fashion industry's gifts to moms was the embellished sweatshirt. The comfort and ease of lounge wear with just enough detail to make it feel like you cared. I have quite the collection!

The range of embellishments is wide and there's one to suit any personal style. You can pair a "fancy" sweatshirt with jeans and sneaks or even a skirt and some sparkle. I can't recommend an embellished sweatshirt enough for all your family holiday functions - both for the ease of wrangling/cuddling all the kids and eating all the treats.

Resurrect yours from the bottom of your drawer, find a pre-loved option, or snag one of these affordable styles.

Do you have an embellished sweatshirt in your #momiform rotation? Let me know if you find one you love!

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