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Day to (Family) Date Night

Recently I took a poll that asked if you were most interested in more help with your day-to-day wardrobe or if you needed more help with your looks for nights out. It was a pretty even split, but there were more ladies than I expected who said they wanted help with date night and girls' night outfits. I assumed many closets are like mine with an entire (small) section that really only gets worn for nights out because there are tops and dresses that just wouldn't work when I'm herding the kids. Those are my go-to for whenever we get to go out. What happens WAY more often in my life, and maybe yours too, is the family date night. Sometimes it's a full dinner. Sometimes it's just ice cream. Okay, sometimes it's just a trip to Target or the mall because we need to get out of the house. So while I plan to share true date night looks soon, I wanted to share some very VERY easy ideas for feeling a little more put together if you're faced with the (always music to my ears) offer to take the night off from cooking or any mention of ice cream that doesn't come from the freezer.

These family dates are not always planned well in advance so these are the kind of tweaks that can happen in seconds while you're also finding your schoolager's shoe and reminding your youngest to "just try" to go pee on the potty before you leave. It's three simple swaps to what you were likely wearing all day if you're a SAHM or what you changed into after work (but before you knew about the plans to leave the house.) Swap your flip flops for sandals. It seems radically simple, but even just switching your footwear to something that feels a little bit nicer can set you up to enjoy your evening more. You could go really wild and pick a block heel or wedge if it works with what you had been wearing. In this example I opted for a flat sandal because I love the studded detail. Swap your tank for a blouse. This is almost as simple as the shoe swap, but perhaps even more functional if your top is sporting stains and smears from a day of momming. Trade in your tank for a sleeveless blouse or any top that has a detail or color you love and is a step up from what you would wear while cleaning the house. Swap your cutoffs for a skirt. A skirt or dressier bottoms of any kind, I should say. I do love dressy shorts! Assuming your top has made it through the day unscathed and isn't a tee from college, swapping in a comfortable, but nicer bottom can really elevate your outfit. I love skirts in the summer, but maybe your favorite pair of skinny jeans would do the trick for you. Other options include adding a pretty necklace or a pair of statement earrings. Maybe you chuck whatever you were wearing and throw on your favorite t-shirt dress. The idea is making a quick little swap or addition that not only lifts your outfit, but adjusts your attitude too. Especially on these long summer days at home with the kids, by dinner time I often need a fresh perspective. A little outfit change helps me head out to dinner or dessert with a better ability to let go of the day's challenges and enjoy family time so much more. Which swap would you be most likely to make before heading out the door? #summerstyle #casualstyle #datenightstyle #getdressed

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