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Get Along With Green

Do not - I repeat, DO NOT - go out and buy some shamrock-covered garb for this weekend! I know they made it, but that doesn't mean you have to buy it.

The only rule for avoiding a pinch is to wear green, but to my knowledge it's not a specific shade. With that in mind, you may be surprised just how much of the color already exists in your wardrobe. Emerald, Kelly, moss, olive, jade, sage, pine - they're all fair game!

Below are eight outfits featuring the fresh spring hue straight from my closet. I paired my green with other seasonal colors so that if you're not into head-to-toe Clover (the color name of my bridesmaids' dresses) you have plenty of options, besides the obvious neutrals, to choose from.

Tips for mixing greens with other colors and wearing it if you think green isn't "your color":

  • Match the vibrancy of your green to the paired color. In general, bold greens pair well with bright colors and pales with pastels. The first two outfits in the top row are good examples.

  • Olive is a neutral so it can go with anything. Olive is probably the most common color you'll find in your closet which is great because it goes with everything - even bright saturated hues like the neon coral in the top row or vibrant periwinkle in the first look on the bottom row.

  • If you feel like green isn't your color (although I'd argue there's a shade for everyone), wear it on the bottom. Keep things festive for St. Patrick's Day plans with green pants or a skirt like the examples on the bottom row. Pair with a color you love near your face.

I'm still shocked at how much green I found in my wardrobe even if it's not the traditional shamrock shade. I hope the outfits above inspire you to shop your closet for some green and save some green while you're at it!

What's your favorite non-neutral to pair with green?

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