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Get Dressed December

I really hate to call it a "style challenge" because I want it to be fun and helpful, but I'm so excited to host another - one of those - this December!

The daily prompts are merely meant to get your wardrobe wheels turning - if you can't make an outfit from it - don't! This is a no-stress, only inspiration, project. To participate, join me over on Instagram (amandamoatz) and tag your daily outfits with #PYBstylechallenge - that's it. Follow that hashtag to see everyone else's interpretation of the daily prompt and be inspired all month long.

Every month I follow multiple style challenges because it really helps me be creative and get the most use from my wardrobe. Keeping track of the prompts can be a bit cumbersome so I created a weekly - yes, I encourage outfit planning on a weekly basis - outfit planner that incorporates space just for them. Print 5 copies and you're ready to plan for the month - here it is.

I know some of my prompts may be a bit "creative" so here's a bit more about them if you're stumped ; )

1) Bows & Arrows - a nod to Sagittarius and the Archer constellation

2) Project Your Best - it's my birthday and I just want everyone to feel great in today's outfit

3) Menswear Inspired - it's my brother's birthday and he's a sharp-dressed man

4) Cozy Toes - it's National Sock Day

5) Pop of Red - it's the best of all the color pops! Shoes, a bag, even your lips!

6) Best Bargain - it's #thriftythursday so wear and show off a great deal

7) Faux Fur Friday - it's National Faux Fur Day... I swear I'm not making this stuff up

8) Party Ready - I'm probably not going out, but I hope you are!

9) Sunday Style - could be casual, could be dressed up for church - you pick!

10) Festive Fairisle - because why not?

11) Shoppin Shoes - sadly I'll probably still be buying gifts at this point

12) Pointsettia Perfection - it's National Pointsettia Day (do you say "tuh" or "tee-uh"?)

13) Thrifty Thursday - because I love thrifted and secondhand fashion

14) Jolly Jeans - I heart jeans.

15) Pearl Garland - it's National Wear Your Pearls Day so...

16) Glint of Green - festive brights or neutral olives, there's a shade for everyone

17) Best Basics - it's Monday ladies, keep it simple

18) Boot Camp - booties to tall to over-the-knee, or maybe even, the snow variety

19) Winter White - it's just so pretty - bonus points if you do it head to toe ; )

20) Secondhand Style - I think this is about half my closet at this point

21) Statement Sweater - it's National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day (but I don't have one)

22) Cute & Casual - it's the Saturday before Christmas, trying to make this nice and easy

23) Pretty As A Present - lots of reasons to dress up or you're just covered in wrap and bows?!

24) A Long Winter's Nap - both timely and idealistic

25) Blue Christmas - I hope it's not actually blue, it's just my favorite color to wear

26) Candy Cane Stripes - it's my favorite pattern! (don't limit yourself to red & white)

27) New To You - could be a gift or any recent secondhand purchase

28) Baby It's Cold Outside - it probably is and that means layers or fun outerwear

29) IG Inspired - that's the whole point, so find and recreate an outfit you love

30) Frigid Feels - winter has the best textures - velvet, chenille, leather, corduroy, etc.

31) Champagne Sparkle - if you're ever going to wear sparkle, it's today

I can't wait to see your outfits and share mine! You don't need another To-Do in December, but you've got to get dressed so let's make it fun and do it in connection with others. Thank you for participating! Praying the month is filled with joy, gratitude and a focus on the most meaningful things.

All my Best,


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