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Nevertheless, She Got Dressed

If you're suddenly on Work From Home status, the temptation may be to go full active wear/athleisure right now. I say do what you need to do to get your feet under you during this very stressful, dynamic time. But I also know that days and weeks of dressing like you're home for a sick day (hopefully you're not and you're keeping everyone else safe by staying home like you are!) will NOT help you through this new normal that could go on for quite a while.

Getting dressed is a very small piece of your day that you can control and will be a small piece of normal. I know you don't have time to be reading lots of intro - the kids need help with their math homework and your next client call is about to happen - so let's cut to the chase.

Here are 5 Work From Home outfits for early spring built from 10 easy pieces you can pull from your closet or shop secondhand (seriously, that's where I pulled the majority of these images from!) I promise these will help you feel pulled together while the world is trying its best to fall apart.

The Pieces

1. graphic tee

2. long open cardigan

3. long sleeve blouse

4. long sleeve tunic

5. chambray button down

6. knit dress

7. mom/boyfriend jeans

8. pull on pants

9. leggings

10. skinny/straight jeans

Shoes may be optional, but white casual sneakers, black flats, and a comfy pair of slippers are all you need to complete these looks.

The Outfits

1 + 2 + 7

Pick your favorite tee (sweet or sassy) and cozy up in a cardigan for some time in front of the computer, then shed that top layer for an afternoon of playing in the yard. Relaxed fit, high waisted denim strike a great balance between work and play.


If you scoffed at the idea of a dress in this lineup - do you see how easy this "outfit" is?! A dress that feels like an oversized sweatshirt is the goal here - nothing frilly and fancy, just one soft garment you pull over your top knot and go. And by go, I mean to the kitchen table to homeschool your kids.

3 + 8

A pretty blouse in your favorite colors and/or print will not only get you through a call where you can actually be SEEN, but it will give you a boost equal to or better than another cup of coffee. A pair of pull on (aka elastic waist) pants are just the best. The fabric says, "Let's close this deal." The style says, "What should I binge on Netflix today?" (These are the Reese pants from J. Crew and I highly, highly recommend!)

4 + 9

An easy long sleeve tunic (especially of the button front variety) is another great option for those that need to be "in front of the camera". If it's more like a long sleeve tee, but you need/want to dress it up a colorful scarf would do the trick. Yes, I'm including leggings (big eye roll), but on the condition that they are plain black and in good condition. Deal?

5 + 10

I would wear this outfit every Friday of my life even under normal circumstances. I prefer a lighter wash button down with darker jeans, but any combo works. Skinny or straight leg jeans with plenty of stretch work for time in the office chair and a walk around the neighborhood.

Other Options

I featured five, but there are many other outfits that can be created from these 10 basic pieces. A few bonus combinations to try:

1 + 5 + 8 = graphic tee + chambray button down + pull on pants

1 + 2 + 9 = graphic tee + long open cardigan + leggings

4 + 10 = long sleeve tunic + skinny jeans

3 + 7 = long sleeve blouse + mom jeans

2 + 6 = long open cardigan + knit dress

We have plenty to worry about - what to wear definitely shouldn't add to that. But getting dressed can be a small act of self care during these days when not much else feels normal or within our control.

If these outfit ideas help you get dressed in the days to come I hope you'll leave a comment here or even share your outfit on Instagram and tag me @amandamoatz so I can see the look you created. Stay healthy and keep getting dressed, friends!

* One final note - the most sustainable, affordable option is to pull these things from your own wardrobe. The second best option is to buy secondhand. Connect with your local consignment shops first via their website or see if they can help you virtually select items from their inventory - they're likely closed to the public and would be so grateful for your business. If you strike out there, check online options like thredUP or Poshmark.

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