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New Year, New (Look At Your) Closet

Okay, actually I have a bunch of new stuff in my closet. I'm blaming my December birthday and all the awesome secondhand finds I've hunted down lately. But, enough is enough. Maybe you're in need of a fresh look at your closet - instead of new stuff - too!?

I'm pressing pause on my shopping this month and loving what I've already got (especially the pieces I haven't even worn yet)! One of the best ways I've found to resist the sale/spend/shop temptation is to plan my outfits at least a week at a time. In the past, I've planned the full month or at least five looks per week for the month ahead. This keeps events or special occasions from popping up on you and keeps that "I have nothing to wear" feeling at bay.

This is the weekly outfit planner I've been using for the past few months. I try to plan on Sundays and copy all of the style challenge prompts that I think I can fulfill into their corresponding days. (More on that below.) I fill in the weather and events for the week, updating as needed. Then I plan my daily looks. Getting dressed every day is easy, fast, and I know I'll love what I walk out of my bedroom wearing.

Instagram-based Style Challenges have been my outfit planning go-tos for years now. I love their ability to prompt a new combination or remind me of a rarely worn item in my wardrobe. I follow a bunch of them, but finding even one that you like is a great starting point for weekly outfit planning. I co-hosted my first in October (a BIG goal of mine for 2018) and solo hosted the #PYBstylechallenge in December for the first time. Once again for January, the daily prompts are designed to be a fun foundation for getting dressed, feeling your best, and pursuing your purpose. To look at your wardrobe with appreciation and a new perspective instead of, perhaps, with a mind for comparison and consumption.

Doesn't that sound like a great way to start the new year?!

Translate the prompts however you'd like, but if you need a bit more context, here are the daily themes I considered as I created them.

Sunday - I like to dress up on Sunday mornings

Monday - Use others to inspire your style

Tuesday - #tuesdayshoesday (featuring the shoes of your outfit or building a look around your shoes)

Wednesday - On Wednesdays we wear... (I hope I don't have to explain this reference!)

Thursday - #thriftythursday (feature your secondhand style or long-time closet loves)

Friday - For those focusing on their physical health or just embracing the athleisure trend (wink, wink)

Saturday - A day of comfort and/or mom duties

To participate, simply follow me on Instagram and tag your inspired outfits with #PYBstylechallenge so I can be inspired right back!

If you're game to cut WAY back or completely hold off on shopping for the month of January it's also a great time to organize, evaluate, and cultivate a closet you love. In the coming weeks I'll share some tips for creating order, deciding what to let go of and what to keep, and options for the items you are ready to part with.

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