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No Shop February Progress Report

Well gang, I'm 8 days into this no-shopping month and I wanted to share how it's been going and why I decided to do it in the first place. And, if you didn't jump on the no-shopping bandwagon on February 1st, but want to give it a go for the rest of the month I'm going to share my Wardrobe Plan (20 pre-styled looks) and tips for making the next 20 days much, much easier.

Honestly, the first 8 days of the month have flown by and the temptation to shop has been minimal. The Wardrobe Plan has not only gotten me excited about using items I already have in my closet, but it's made getting dressed each day a breeze. I plan my Monday-Friday looks the week before and then each day I simply reference what I have "scheduled". Here are the looks I've worn so far:

I have definitely utilized the tips I shared in the Wardrobe Plan to resist the temptation of shopping so far. The most critical strategy for me is avoiding the dozens of promotional emails I get every day. People are paid big money to create irresistible sales and make you feel like if you don't act now and spend your money, you'll miss out and regret it for life. Sounds dramatic, but it's pretty realistic. I've avoided this messaging or when I do hear it, I remind myself that I a) already have everything I need + more and b) the items they're pushing will most likely be there in March and sales will still be happening.

So why even do a self-imposed shopping ban? There are lots of reasons you might choose to do it, but here are mine.

1. I have A LOT of clothes. A pause in shopping gives me time to evaluate what I have and stops the otherwise constant influx.

2. It frees up time and mental space. I love browsing new arrivals and hunting for the best deals, but it takes up a lot of my time and mental energy. Sometimes it even feels a bit addictive. Taking a break for a few weeks feels like a reset button and will allow me to devote that time and energy to other tasks.

3. Guides what I really want. When I take a break from shopping, I can determine what I really want versus making purchases based on a flash sale or impulsive love. If I find something I like and three weeks later I'm still thinking of ways it would work well in my wardrobe, then it's probably worth looking at when the shopping ban is done. So many times though, an item instantly looks good and "gotta have it" but a small pause (maybe even a few days) helps me see that I'm just fine without it.

Do any of these resonate for you? Do you have other reasons for a no-shopping month? Or year? I hope to do at least 2 more no-shopping months in 2018. I'll be sure to announce them in advance and have similar Wardrobe Plans available.

As I said, it's not too late to join in this month. I'd love for your to check out the February Wardrobe Plan so you can be inspired to create looks from the pieces you already have and love. Click here and enter the password "valentine" for access. Let me know if you're joining us and share your inspired looks on social media by tagging them with #PYBnoshopFeb. Now get in there and show your closet some L-O-V-E!

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