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Now and Then - Style Swap

I'm not sure about you, but where I live Mother Nature has earned herself the label "indecisive"... and that's putting it nicely. Sunday you're in a short-sleeve tee and Thursday you're in snow pants. I mean...what?! How's a gal supposed to transition her closet to spring under these conditions?!

Besides accommodating the wackadoo weather, I think it's always a good idea for items in your wardrobe to work for multiple seasons. You get the most bang for your buck AND versatile pieces make it easier to pull together something that feels pulled together each day.

In the last "Now and Then" post I featured new arrivals from J. Crew Factory. During my no-shop February (that extended into March) experience, I attended a Style Swap at church. It was a great way to pass along some items I previously loved prior to the start of spring and pick up a few new pieces as well.

I contributed about 16 items to the swap and only brought home four so I felt lke that was a very reasonable ratio for someone trying to make space in their wardrobe. Right?! Here I styled three of the four pieces (the fourth was a beautiful blue pashmina scarf) for our weather now (or when it seems a bit spring-like) and for when it's inching closer to summer.

Striped Tee

I was thrilled to take this "A New Day" Target tee from someone's cast-offs! The curved hem, split pocket, and rolled sleeves give it a little detail without a lot of fuss. It works well with distressed denim or a cute little skirt - just my style!

Plaid Popover

I fell a little in love with this plaid top as soon as I saw it. Gray and coral with that light blue and a bit of white?! I immediately pictured it with the white jeans and these coral scalloped hem shorts. Even though I was planning spring and summer looks in my head, it will be a year-round piece paired with a regular denim, gray cords, and layered with a puffer vest or cardigan.

Moto Zip Sweatshirt

As a WAHM, I could live in sweats, but I try to get dressed each day in a way that feels empowering, uplifting, and authentic. Sweats generally don't fit that bill. BUT this cool little asymmetrical moto zip sweatshirt (with pockets) is such a great piece because it's comfy and cute! It's great paired with my camo denim now and will work perfectly with cutoffs and my studded sandals when it warms up. Assuming that is, in fact, going to happen.

Before I even walked in to the Style Swap event I told myself that the goal was to clear some items OUT of my closet and NOT to replace them. I had to give myself a little pep talk because as a bargain-lover, an opportunity to get free clothes could have spelled disaster. I am so happy with the pieces I did bring home and feel like they really add value and not just extra pieces to my wardrobe.

The best part of the Style Swap event, besides the fellowship with the women there, was loading the bags of "leftovers" into a friend's car so she could drop them off at our sister church's neighborhood closet. Knowing that a bunch of really nice pieces were going on to bless others was the cherry on top of the whole experience.

Do you have any new (or old) pieces you'd like to see styled for the next season? Leave me a comment and I'll be sure to include it in the next Now and Then post!

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