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One Piece, Three Ways - Bold Tank

A bright cotton or cotton/linen blend tank is a great summer staple. They're also one of the most affordable!

A bold color, especially if you're not a "color" person, can be a bit intimidating and could end up regulated to the bottom of the pile. Or perhaps that brightly-hued tank was purchased with one particular bottom and that's the ONLY thing you think it can be worn with.

Here are three easy ideas for getting more use out of a bold tank.

Look 1: Colorblock with a contrasting bottom. Pick a pair of shorts or skirt that contrasts with the color of your tank. An easy way to select a color that works is to find inspiration in the print on a shoe or other accessory like a scarf.

Look 2: Pair with a complimentary print. This is the easiest way to wear a bold color. Find a print bottom that has the matching hue included in it (even if it's just a hint) and you know they'll work beautifully together. Keep shoes and other accessories neutral if the combo of the bold top and print bottom already feel "loud" to you!

Look 3: Tone it down with neutrals. Create a cohesive look by surrounding your top with similarly-toned neutrals - tan with pink, gray with green, or navy with purple. An accessory that combines the colors ties it all together.

The tank I'm wearing above is old but here is an option that's a similar color (I have it in black & white stripe - LOVE!) and here is an option that's the same style.

Do you have a bold color you love to wear in the summer? Mine are yellow, pink, coral and cobalt blue!

As always, send me an email or add a comment below with an item from your wardrobe you'd like some fresh styling ideas for and I'll feature it in an upcoming "OPTW" post!

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