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Postpartum Summer Style

Dressing in the postpartum stage can be challenging and frustrating during any season, but the summer brings its own special, sweaty circumstances. Namely, your body is still a furnace due to hormones (and milk production if you're nursing) so you don't actually want to wear anything, but that's not legal. And you are OVER your maternity wardrobe, but those cute tees and cutoffs from last summer still aren't fitting or functional.

I'm not advocating for a whole new wardrobe, but a few pieces that function during this stage, make you feel cute, and will still work when your body is your own again are golden. Golden I tell ya.

And of course, there are tons of options that won't break the bank. In fact, you probably have plenty of burp cloths so return that 8th set and get yourself one of these new outfits!

Picks from H&M

Picks from J. Crew Factory

Picks from Target

One key to all of these looks is a lightweight top that doesn't cling, offers plenty of room for a changing bust size, and allows easy nursing access for breastfeeding mamas. Woven fabrics offer structure and skim over a swollen belly, while A-line or swing tees offer plenty of room now and the option to knot later. The cuts are key because they allow you to purchase closer to your pre-pregnancy size and wear it longer into your babe's first year, if not longer.

The other key to these looks is a bottom with an elastic waist. No longer reserved for gym or running shorts - the options range from casual to pretty to polished. I shared detailed about my favorite skirt EVER here. Their flexibility (wink) allows ladies who had a c-section to adjust the waist above or below the incision. For all new mamas, the elastic offers a comfortable fit as your body adjusts to its new normal.

My final argument for these pieces - breezy button downs and elastic waist bottoms - is their ability to transition to cooler weather. Add a denim jacket or long, open cardigan over the tops or swap in a long-sleeve button down or sweater to give the bottoms a little more time in the rotation.

What are your go-to closet pieces for surviving a postpartum summer?

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