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Style Beyond Your Sweat Session

Committing to a healthier lifestyle in 2018 doesn't mean committing to super expensive activewear that only works in the gym. Retailers at every price point - starting with Wal-mart and Forever 21 - have pieces that will take you from sweat session to the rest of the day's plans.

Athleisure is basically God's gift to all those who love comfort dressing. Everyone?! It's also perfect for those ladies who live and/or work at the gym, but still want to project a little style. Details like mesh inserts, open backs, lace-up sides, and genuinely cool graphics mix with the rest of your wardrobe to create a cute, casual look.

Left to right:

Look 1 - top / bottoms / sneakers

Look 2 - top / bottoms / flats

Look 3 - top / bottoms / sneakers

Look 4 - top / bottoms / boots

Whether you like an edgier look with moto details or pretty ballerina-inspired touches, there's a way to make your Sporty Spice dreams come true. If I had to pick, my favorite of the bunch is Look 1 (gray and a stripe?!), but I'd wear them all. Do you have a favorite?

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