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Styling The Ugly Sandals

Top designers put the "ugly sandal" on the style scene years ago, but now that it's trickled down to "regular" retailers I'm jumping on the bandwagon. Buying a pair is a no-brainer, but which pair is the question!

I love that a simple, black slide sandal can work for so many personal styles - from edgy to sporty, dressy to classic. Here are my four top picks from Target (there are about a dozen more options) and some style inspo in case you're not convinced you need a pair in your closet.

Clockwise from top left: raffia / buckle (98% sure this is the pair I'm getting) / sport ($10!) / bow

A little edgy...


A bit sporty...

Image Source: Getty / Raymond Hall // ONLINE SOURCE:

With a dress...


So classic...

Image: LA Cool & Chic // ONLINE SOURCE:

Are you already on the bandwagon or just now jumping on with me? What's your black slide style?

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