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The Best Skirt Ever

The J. Crew Factory sidewalk skirt is THE best. (I even love the name - sidewalk - for it's cool, casual, relatable vibe.)

And here are a few reasons why.

It has an elastic waist. You can customize the short, but not too short length by positioning it at your waist or lower on your hips - because of the elastic waist. It has pockets.

We could really just stop there, no? Here are a few more reasons if you're somehow not yet convinced.

There's a warm weather version in a cotton/linen blend and a cold weather wool version so you can wear them year round. It comes in a range of solid colors - both classic and trending - and updated prints or details each season. Finally, it's certainly a reasonable price point brand new ($30-45), but you can find tons of them secondhand for an even better deal in stores or on sites like thredUP ($10-17.)

I have 4 versions of this skirt and 3 of the 4 are thrifted. I've found that I can make two sizes of this skirt fit (elastic waist) so there's double the inventory to thrift from! Here is my ivory version styled three ways for spring and summer.

You could absolutely swap in cute slip-on sneakers in the look on the left and a pair of rain boots in the middle look. A cognac leather or detailed belt added over the elastic in the look on the right would further define the waist and heighten that dressy look even more.

Below are a few of the current sidewalk skirts - a fun stripe, a pretty embroidered gingham, and a scalloped-hem version that comes in five colors.

Are you a sidewalk skirt lover like me? (What's your fav version?!) Or are you ordering one right now? Those are really the only two options I'm leaving here. Seriously - add at least one of these to your closet.

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