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The Faux Dress

Summer days are made for sun dresses! The best ones can be dressed up or down and they're easy - you're completely dressed with one item of clothing!


What if you're a completely different size on the top half vs. the bottom half? Or you're nursing? Or you like a little more flexibility to mix and match?

I give you the faux dress! (In the old days these were called matched separates, but that sounds old to me so we're going with faux dress.)

Lots of retailers offer these matching options, but rarely market the tops and bottoms together. In some cases, because they offer an actual dress made from the same print. My big tip, if you're looking for pieces to create a faux dress, is to start with the skirts. Find a shape and/or print you love and then browse the tops looking for its match.

This is such a great option if you have some variance from your top measurement to your bottom because you can achieve a more customized fit. This is also a great option for breastfeeding mamas who would rather not pull their dress down to nurse. Just untuck and lift the top for easy feeding access. So ideal for attending a summer wedding when your bae(by) is your +1!

Here are a handful of options - all under $75 for the top and bottom combo!

Not a dress or skirt gal? Use the same system to create a faux romper or jumpsuit with shorts or flowy pants!

If you jump on the faux dress bandwagon (with me) be sure to mix and match those pieces too. Add a striped tee and a pair of cutoffs for a weekend of outfit options!

Old Navy, J. Crew Factory, and H&M are represented above. Leave me a comment if you find a great matched set from another retailer!

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