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The Redder The Better

You may think a pair of red pants are totally impractical and the last thing you "need" in your closet. I'm not saying they're for everyone, but I'm going to show you they're a lot more versatile than you may first think.

First of all, there's almost no "color" pants that work year round like red just based on holidays - Valentine's Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas - are all red-friendly.

Second, wearing a bold color on the bottom half of your body means that it doesn't matter nearly as much if it's not "your color". Red has a ton of color compatibility so you can choose from an array of colors to wear near your face where the "right color" matters a lot more.

Here are three everyday or casual looks for red trousers.

L: Add a graphic tee and patterned cardigan for a comfy but put together look.

M: Red trousers add a great punch to a menswear inspired outfit of neutrals.

R: Feminine details and a touch of animal print give an easy 3-piece outfit tons of interest.

The coming months will most likely present opportunities to dress up in more festive attire. Here are three options for kicking the red pants up a notch.

L: A warm camel in cozy cashmere and nude heels somehow both softens and elevates red.

M: A holiday-ready plaid gets even more festive (but is still so easy and nursing mama-friendly) with shine on your ears and toes.

R: Strappy heels and a blazer will make these pants work for any (adults only) holiday party.

I found these like-new Boden trousers at my local Goodwill and shopping secondhand is always my first recommendation, especially for standout pieces. But if you love the look and don't have any luck thrifting a pair, here are three current options.

Now if I haven't convinced you that red pants are a closet staple, that's okay. But I hope you at least see that they're a lot more versatile than first glance. And if you really just aren't into red, give emerald or mustard yellow a try.

I saved a few more inspiration photos on my Pinterest page so check those out for even more red pants outfit options. Leave a comment about how you'd style your pair.

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