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All Dressed Up, Still Nowhere To Go

I'll just let you know that I had to look up whether it was "nowhere" or "no where". Tutoring Kindergarten and 3rd grade ELA has apparently gotten me nowhere. (Nailed it!) Let's get to it - this isn't a recipe blog, after all. We're still (mostly) staying safe at home, but the seasons are changing and we need to cling to the sanity and normalcy that getting dressed provides. At least most days. Here are 5 easy looks to help you get dressed and feel put together as the temps warm up. If it's still cool where you are, check out 5 early spring work from home outfits here. The Pieces

1. black tee 2. patterned tee 3. chambray button down 4. light sweater 5. sleeveless top 6. tee dress 7. cutoffs 8. linen pants 9. cotton shorts 10. white jeans

Shoes may be optional, but fun flip flops, metallic sandals, and black slides will complete all of these outfits whether you're hanging on the deck or running out to pick up takeout for dinner. The Outfits

1 + 3 + 9 The chambray button down is a carry-over from the early spring WFH outfit series and one of my favorite closet staples. Wear it open over a basic black tee and a pair of shorts for a casual vibe. Tuck it or tie it at the waist and add metallic sandals or wedges for some extra styling flair. Lose the button down all together in the heat of the afternoon.

6 Easy dresses will always have a place in my outfit recommendations - do you see how easy this "outfit" is?! A dress that feels like an oversized tee is the goal here - nothing frilly and fancy, just one soft garment you pull over your top knot and go. And by go, I mean to the kitchen table to homeschool your kids. Or if you're lucky, a walk around the neighborhood.

2 + 8 I LOVE a stripe, but any pattern (floral, dots, geometric) creates a little more interest in a very basic outfit. A pair of wide leg linen pants may seem fancy - and they are - fancy pajama pants! Perfect for cool mornings or evenings and when you keep forgetting to shave. Tuck or knot the tee to lengthen your leg line or show off any waist detail on the pants.

5 + 10 A sleeveless top with a detail you love pairs perfectly with white denim as temps transition. Dress it up with metallic sandals and fun jewelry for a virtual happy hour with friends or date night on your deck. If you're doubting white denim, rest assured that bleach can be your friend.

4 + 7 Maybe my favorite spring combination! A lightweight cotton or linen sweater and perfectly relaxed, distressed cutoffs. Layered over a basic tank, the sweater can be tied at the waist if it gets too warm. A baseball cap and flip flops work for an early morning donut run while a woven belt and black slides are great finishes for an al fresco lunch. Other Options I featured five, but there are many other outfits that can be created from these 10 basic pieces. A few bonus combinations to try: 7 + 8 = black tee + linen pants 1 + 4 + 10 = black tee + cotton sweater + white jeans 2 + 9 = patterned tee + cotton shorts 5 + 7 = sleeveless top + cutoffs 3 + 6 = chambray button down + tee dress We have plenty to worry about - what to wear definitely shouldn't add to that. But getting dressed can be a small act of self care during these days when not much else feels normal or within our control. If these outfit ideas help you get dressed in the days to come I hope you'll leave a comment here or even share your outfit on Instagram and tag me @projectyourbest so I can see the look you created. Stay healthy and keep getting dressed, friends!

* One final note - the most sustainable, affordable option is to pull these things from your own wardrobe. The second best option is to buy secondhand. Connect with your local consignment shops first via their website or see if they can help you virtually select items from their inventory if they're not open to the public yet. If you strike out there, check online options like thredUP or Poshmark.

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