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Happy Birthday To Me

Go Shorty, now you're 40!

Wanna see the 4 things I gifted myself to celebrate the end of my 4th decade?!

A mix of practical, sentimental & the best self care - I'm in love with how each of these presents speak to a piece of me. Honestly, and very sincerely, it says a lot about how far I've come as a person that I could gift myself things I truly love and need. Sharing in case you have a similar birthday coming up or need a gift idea for a lovely lady in your life!

The Best Nail Polish

Love the finish, fast dry and staying power of gel, but not the UV light and intense removal process? Want a polish free from the nasty chemicals and never tested on animals?

Look no further! I've been Dazzle Dry for a year now and it is all these things and more. The four-step process is very easy and nails are dry in 5 minutes. My manicure looks like new for at least a week - usually 10-12 days - and comes off so easily with regular polish remover. If you'd like to try it or gift it, use this link for $15 off a $65+ order!

Better Than Botox?

I'm not saying I'll never do Botox, but I'm very excited about how something so simple and safe is helping to soften my "11s". (P.S. My goal for the next 40 years is to make my laugh lines way deeper than my worry lines!)

Frownies are a woman/family owned business that's been around and largely unchanged for over 100 years. The facial patches are an unbleached cardboard paper and corn-based adhesive that can be used in combination or cut to fit so they work anywhere on your face that you want to see diminished lines. I've been using them for about a week and I definitely see a difference! This link will give you $10 off your purchase (the forehead patches are only $24!) if you'd like to try them for yourself.

Jewelry That Does Good

I have loved Able for years! It is an ethical fashion brand that prioritizes empowering women and changing the fashion industry's exploitation of female garment workers by working with ethical suppliers and publishing their wages.

Beyond their ethical and sustainable practices, Able is simple, modern and cool. Their leather goods are amazing, their garments are timeless, and the jewelry is wear-everyday perfect. I selected three of the Petite Luz ring - 2 silver, 1 gold - to represent my sons and daughter. The light-as-air stack sits on my right hand and is a beautiful reminder of my three growing, shifting, same-but-different little loves. If you'd like to add some beautiful (ethical) pieces to your collection, use the link here for 20% off an order of $75 or more.

Leveling Up

Think 40 is too old to pursue your passion? Think again!

With all three kids in school (for good?! knock on wood!) now, I am ready to put the pedal to the metal when it comes to my growth as a small business owner. Much like the early days of motherhood, the life of a solopreneur can be lonely and isolating. I'm back with my business coach Krista Demcher (follow her on IG at the very least!) as a member of the Acorn Academy and I can't wait to engage with like-minded women who are living out their purpose.

It may not be business coaching for you - but I can't encourage investing in personal growth enough. Whether it is counseling (highly recommend!), financial planning, spiritual connection, learning a new hobby or cultivating a new habit - the time is always right to do the thing that will make your life more vibrant, peaceful and joyful.

So what do you think? Am I well-prepared to take on a new decade?

If you've been following along on Instagram stories, you may have seen that I've been foreshadowing a bit of a mid-life crisis. I don't think I'm trading in the mini van for a little red sports car or anything, but I feel a new spirit vibrating that has me so excited for the upcoming year and years ahead! I really don't know what's in store, but I hope you'll stick around to find out with me!

I can promise more everyday mom style, thrifting tips & hauls, sustainable fashion info and overall encouragement to keep showing up as your best self for the life you're purposed to live!

All my Best,


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