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Timeless & Trendy Sneakers for Fall

Back To School season is in full swing and while the temperatures may not feel like fall for weeks, the urge to dress for the season is here!

One way to start the transition to your fall wardrobe is with footwear. Casual sneakers span a wide range of styles and outfits making them a great option for many of the events on your calendar like fall sports spectating, school visits, and apple picking!

Casual sneakers differ from your typical athletic sneakers or running shoes because they're designed with fashion, not function, in mind. Training shoes are great for the gym or the track, but they're not always the cutest and they don't have to be. Casual sneakers, on the other hand, are perfect for completing an outfit with your personal style front and center.

Here are four styles I consider to be timeless, but still have plenty of personality:

Clean, Classic White - this style is truly a blank slate, but also adds the least to your look. Great with skirts and dresses or even sweaters and cutoffs. This style can trend toward a more feminine silhouette or can go fully casual or sporty with slip-on or high top versions.

Black & White/Animal Prints - offering a pop of style for gals who typically opt for a minimalist look but plenty of cool personality for edgier ladies too! B&W graphics (stripes, checkerboard, color blocks) and neutral animal prints mix well with everything from dark fall florals to black denim and other moody hues. Silhouettes range from low to high lace-ups, slip-ons and even platforms.

Colorful Blocks & Prints - bringing the fun, sporty vibes to any look whether it's a white tee and jeans or an equally colorful ensemble. Pick your favorite color combo - your alma mater, your kids' school or anything that strikes your fancy! Pro tip for getting the most wear - select colors that either coordinate with your wardrobe palette OR provide the perfect opposing pop!

Metallic - probably the least sporty option of them all, sneakers with a metallic finish are a great option for the glam gals. Ranging from a smooth mirror finish leather to full on glitter, pick a metallic finish that coordinates well with the warmth (gold) or coolness (silver) of your wardrobe. A more neutral pewter or rose gold are great options too. Depending on the silhouette, a metallic finish can also make a sneaker appropriate for a business casual environment and work well with trousers or dressy joggers.

One style I'm letting go of:

The Wedge - this trendy style from a few years ago is great for those looking to add a little height, but it feels really specific to certain many trends do. I've had a pair in my closet for years and I don't think they've seen the light of day in at least a year. This silhouette can still be fun to style in edgy, cool looks but it's the not sneaker I'd suggest scooping up these days.

One trendy style I'm passing on:

Faux Fur - while this finishing detail make sense for the colder weather, I'm steering clear of this current trend because faux fur and shearling look very worn, very fast! Have you ever noticed the inside of your shearling boot or slipper after just a week of wearing them? Words like clumped, matted or debris-magnet may come to mind. Add in the autumn rain and winter snow slop and I worry this style won't even make it through one season intact.

The great news is that many of us already have at least one of the timeless styles in our wardrobe. If you're looking to add a style or two that I mentioned above, there's even more good news. All of these examples were pulled from a super quick search on my favorite secondhand shopping site thredUP, but could easily be found on any resale platform.

Use sites' filters such as size, material, brand and color to find your next pair of new-to-you casual kicks. Match their details to your personal style and they'll work seamlessly with your existing wardrobe, adding plenty of flair to even the most basic outfit.

What other style of shoe has you stumped for fall?

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