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What I'm Packing - Thanksgiving

One of my to-do list items today was to get started packing myself and the kids for our trip across the Mason-Dixon Line for Thanksgiving. I can't wait to see my family, eat way too much, and most specially, celebrate my SIL at her baby shower.

Okay, I might try to sneak out and shop at some point too.

In case you're traveling too or just have tons on your plate (get it?!) in preparation for Turkey Day, I wanted to share what's going in my bag and how I plan to style it all.

It should come as no surprise that there are plenty of stripes.

All of the clothing items are from the original set I selected for the #moms30for30 style challenge. Starting at the beginning of November (actually October 31st for me) all of my looks have been built with the same 30 pieces of clothing - not counting shoes, accessories or outerwear.

The shoes landing in my suitcase for the trip are mostly functional. Even my tall boots with the slightest heel are comfortable for travel, shopping, or just hanging with family.

Although these 11 pieces (counting shoes) could be combined into many more outfits, I only need four primary looks for this trip.

Wednesday - Final prep, packing, travel (technically I'll be wearing and not packing this, but it is going with me to PA)

Keeping things simple, although slightly reminiscent of a candy cane, with a striped boatneck tee, ivory cords, and cognac loafers. The ivory and gold scarf ties it all together and is perfect for combatting the too hot/too cold scenario inside the van.

Turkey Day - Parade-watching, at least two Thanksgiving meals, and football!

I'm planning to layer my navy, roll-sleeve sweater over my gray t-shirt dress...have you ever noticed that a lot of people crammed into one place and ovens at roasting temps for hours tend to make conditions a bit toasty? The sweater may not last the whole day. I might even go bare-legged!

Friday - more family time, shopping (if I walk fast enough I'll burn through all the excess calories from the last 24 hours, right?!), relaxing as much as possible with three kids.

This long, long-sleeved tee is perfect over leggings (it covers the bum) and such a great basic. I'm anticipating an unpredictable shower situation - will I get one before going out in public or not - and you'll never know because - HAT!

Saturday - my SIL's baby shower!!! I'm pretty excited! And travel home to see the poor Hubs who's on call the entire holiday and weekend. Boo!

This isn't my ideal look for a baby girl's shower, but I'm trying to stay committed to the #moms30for30 challenge. My hack for this layered outfit is tucking my chambray into the opaque tights I'll be wearing (not pictured) to keep things looking smooth(er) on the outside and my shirt in place. May or may not swap my sneakers for the boots to drive home. Dresses with sneakers is totally a thing...thank you Lord, I say!

Be on the lookout for another "What I'm Packing" post next week...for a much different climate and occasion!

Keep in mind that a well-curated closet and pre-made looks help make packing (at least for yourself) a cinch! Consider one of my Lookbook packages to accomplish this for you...a great gift suggestion for all those asking what you need!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with quality family time and delicious food! I surely have so much to be grateful for this day and all through the year.

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