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Holiday Styles For Homebodies And Party People

The holiday season has your to-do list at impressive lengths and there's hardly any blank space on your calendar. Phew!

But whether you're coordinating the chaos at home or heading out to a family-friendly function, you can dress in a way that reflects the warmth and joy of the season!

Looks for lounging or casual days mean comfy lattice and lace-up details combine with rich textures like felt and velvet for a perfectly jolly vibe. Bonus points if you're still fitting in some physical activity!

Left to right:

A kid-free event is a rare delight, but for all of the other festive fun your holiday attire needs to be mom-worthy. A perfectly drapey tartan shirt can be dressed up or down and is a great option for nursing mams. Glitter and stars are lovely little touches, but best when combined with on-trend velvet.

Left to right:

Is your calendar filled with more casual or dressy affairs this time of year? What's your favorite way to make your look holiday-worthy?

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