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Mom Style Staples - Moto Jacket

If you think only the cool, edgy moms can pull off a moto jacket - think again! I own two!

I was a doubter for years, thinking I would only wear a moto jacket for the rare date night or evening girls' night out. But darn if those slick styles didn't keep finding their way onto my Pinterest board and bookmarked Instagram outfits.

As with all clothes, but particularly a trend or style outside your comfort zone, I recommend shopping secondhand first. Shopping pre-owned instead of regular retail allows you to access a higher quality version of a style you're experimenting with at the same price point as cheaper dupes.

My first moto style jacket - Express via thredUP - was pretty subtle without much hardware and a straight zipper. It had knit sides and sleeve insets.

My current (black) moto style jacket is Blank NYC via Poshmark and it has more classic details - asymmetric zip, zipper hardware, lapels - but it has dragonfly studs that I totally love. I get compliments every time I wear it.

A moto jacket is a great example where this can make a big difference. A leather version could run upwards of $1200 while an inexpensive fast fashion option could cost less than $25. The difference in quality - even among faux or vegan leather - is pretty noticeable in fit, feel and overall look.

In addition to shopping secondhand, there are a couple of other tips for getting the look for less:

  1. Moto jackets that incorporate a knit component - usually in the sleeves and/or sides of the body - tend to be more affordable options.

  2. Look for signs of wear that you can live with - some scuffs on hardware, some signs of use on the inside lining, etc.

These features will not only lower the price, but as a mom of three I find it also make it easier to actually "live" with instead of worrying about what you're eating, leaning against, whose hands are get the idea, every time you wear it.

Below, I styled my dragonfly stud jacket four ways to inspire YOU to try this jacket option no matter what your personal style may be.


edgy mom style moto jacket outfit

This may be the most obvious choice, but I have to mention that a minimalist could add a lot of personality with studs or a non-standard color choice. There are beautiful camel, oxblood, and gray options that would add interest to a wardrobe of solids and basics.


sporty casual mom style moto jacket outfit

Moto jackets look awesome layered over hoodies! Doesn't that just sell them for you?! Thrown on over any sporty look, they will add instant intentionality and "polish". I repeat, they look great over hoodies!


preppy classic mom style moto jacket outfit

This is my most dominant personal style and why I thought I could never pull off a moto jacket. But nope, it's the perfect contrast to sweet blouses, polished button downs, and ballet flats! If black feels to edgy for you, try a camel or gray version.


boho romantic mom style moto jacket outfit

Boho babes will have so much fun with the contrast of a moto jacket in their wardrobe! It's the perfect topper for flowy, ruffled dresses and skirts because it's just the right balance. A little distressing or even a little fringe detail may make it feel more like you.

I hope these looks give you a bit more confidence to try out a moto jacket the next time you need a transitional weather topper. It's so much more versatile than most people think. Select the color, silhouette, and hardware details that make it feel most like you!

ways to style moto leather jacket mom fall outfit

Do you own a moto jacket? What is your favorite way to style it?

All my Best,


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