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Moms 30 for 30 Challenge - Day 1-6

If you follow along on Instagram, you've seen that I recently began the #Moms30for30 challenge. It's not just for moms and the ladies participating are both full-time professionals outside the home and those like me - (para)professionals inside the home. This gives a great variety of styles and a broader range of inspiration.

I've been interested in doing a 30x30 wardrobe challenge of some kind for a while now. They always seemed a bit daunting because I like dressing from the full range of my wardrobe every day. Many of the 30x30 challenges I've seen limit participants to 30 items total - including shoes and sometimes even accessories like scarves and jewelry. The Moms30for30 felt a little more manageable because the 30 items include only clothing - no shoes or accessories.

At the outset, 30 items feels like a lot of clothes. (What's left over in my closet feels like even more clothes!) We'll see if I'm still feeling this way after a couple weeks of the challenge.

Here is my first (of five) roundup of looks from the challenge:

Day 1 - Black tunic sweater + Black leggings

Day 2 - Red and navy plaid flannel + Ivory ankle-zip cords

Day 3 - Chambray button down + Dark wash, straight leg jeans

Day 4 - Gingham popover + Olive chinos

Day 5 - Gray L/S Emory tee + Navy/White turtleneck sweater + Distressed boyfriend jeans

Day 6 - Olive think-knit sweater + Gray skinny jeans

I just noticed that I made it through almost a whole week without wearing stripes! Don't worry, I'm more than making up for that oversight this week ;)

It's not too late to join us if you're intrigued by the Moms30for30! I think it's actually the perfect time of year to limit yourself to pieces you love and (as I'm trying to do) plan your looks well in advance - there are so many other (surely more important) things occupying your time and brain cells. Let me know if you're interested or have questions and I can get you connected to the organizers!


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