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One Piece, Many Ways - Green Pencil Skirt

Green is one of my favorite colors, but it is definitely scarce in my wardrobe. Not intentionally, it just isn't a color I gravitate toward...normally.

I was recently shopping at a consignment boutique near my hometown and had a beautiful mustard yellow skirt in my hand. Headed to the register, I spotted the yellow skirt's green match.

The green skirt came home with me and I'm so glad it did! As I do with most of the pieces I purchase, I intended to find three unique ways to style the skirt. I was honestly a little skeptical, feeling like the color may not work that well with the rest of my wardrobe or feeling like it would be limited to dressed up looks.

I started with three looks and then I found myself on a roll...I ended up with six to share, but could have put together even more. Clearly branching out from your normal wardrobe palette with a classic piece (e.g. cardigan, slim pants, ballet flats) can create lots of fresh new inspiration.

Despite this skirt's wool fabrication, I think the color allows it to transition beautifully into looks for early spring!

Pairing a wool pencil skirt with a plaid button down and cable knit sweater is about as traditional as you can get, but it's a classic combination to get you through the cooler weather. The skirt gets a more casual vibe with a chambray shirt layered over a striped tights could be added for warmth.

The next look was inspired by a Boden catalogue shot and a combination I didn't know I loved! The peony pink makes perfect sense with the fresh green skirt - nature always has the best color palettes! The leopard flats were my addition.

Once I tried the leopard flats, I had to pull out my leopard cardigan and classic black patent pumps. (That might be my favorite look!)

I transitioned the skirt to warmer temps with booties and a vest topping a short-sleeved popover. The blues are a great color combo option if the pink is a little too much for you. Finally, the skirt went all the way to spring with neutral wedge sandals, an embellished sweatshirt, and gold striped scarf.

Is there a color you love that's missing from your wardrobe? See what color pairings you can find on Pinterest, Instagram or in your favorite retailers' new arrivals. Your color crush may just be the perfect compliment to what's already hanging in your closet.

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