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Ring In 2020 With An LBT

Whatever your plans are for welcoming the new year, a LBT - little black tee - has you covered! A wardrobe staple like a black tee (especially if it has a little detail) is the perfect base whether you've got last-minute plans to go all out or someone's ill-timed (or perfectly-timed?!) illness makes it a low-key party at home.

Cute & Casual

What's easier than a black tee and jeans? This thrifted top has the automatic interest of a knotted waist, but you could create the same effect with a DIY knot either at the bottom of your tee or by pulling a bit of fabric in at your natural waist (creating a little tail on the interior of the shirt) and securing with an elastic hair tie. Adding a fun little flat or bootie will help elevate this super easy look to one that feels worthy of a new decade.

P.S. A quick Instagram poll showed that the VAST majority of followers will be ringing in 2020 from their couch so if that's you too, please know that despite the flash you find in your social media feed, you're in good company.

Family Affair

One of my husband's genius colleagues hosts a "Reykjavik" New Year's Party so we can drop a ball and set off fireworks hours ahead of our actual midnight. (Genius, right?!) The party is festive, but the reality is I'll be shuttling plates of food and drink back and forth to my kids and chaperoning trips to the potty. A Swiss dot sleeve detail is a little touch of pretty and an elastic waist pant is my best friend after a week of indulging. The shoes are the party - if you've got sequins, studs, jewels or a great metallic - let them shine!

Out On The Town

If you're really doing it - going out for NYE - you can't go wrong with festive textures in black. A velvet, ruffled sleeve tee with a sequin skirt is equal parts easy and chic. Load on the accessories if that's your thing or keep it simple-ish as is. At 5'3" I love adding a nude shoe to this look because it maximizes the leg length I've got. A black heel or even a pop of color are perfect options too.

See another fantastic (versatile, comfortable & easy to source secondhand) option for NYE here.

A few extra thoughts:

  • - Subbing in a partial or full button down top or a crossover style would make these looks even easier options for nursing moms who need to feed or pump during the evening.

  • - As I look at these photos I wish I had subbed in the black strap on my FitBit watch. Little changes like that - especially if you're keeping an outfit casual and a bit closer to your everyday attire - will help you feel more special and festive for the occasion.

  • - If black isn't your favorite (or in your t-shirt pile), these same ideas can be created with neutrals like navy or gray or any color you love. Feeling your best is exactly how you should start every day, but especially a new year!

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