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Your Best Reds & Pinks

Love is in the air and chocolates are displayed in heart-shaped boxes so that means it's time to pull out all your red and pink...or is it?

Primary red and bubble gum pink may be the hues that first come to mind, but they may not be the most flattering. No need for a broken heart, there are love-festive colors for everyone.

Based on your primary color season, here are the best reds and pinks for you:

Winter - characterized by high contrast between hair/skin/eyes, clear tones and cool undertones. Celebrities in this color code include Kerry Washington and Liv Tyler. Vibrant reds and pinks stand up to and compliment the contrast and clarity of your coloring.

Autumn - the primary quality is warmth in hair and skin tones with yellow or peach undertones and earthy-hued eye colors. Celebrities in this color code include Drew Barrymore and Jessica Alba. Reds tend to go very deep and muted, while pinks go very peach and muted to best compliment your warm, rich features.

Spring - characterized by low contrast between hair/skin/eyes on the lighter end of the spectrum and peachy/yellow undertones in skin that tans more easily. Celebrities with this palette include Blake Lively and Beyonce. Lower contrast and softer tones are mimicked in the soft red and pretty pale pinks that flatter you best.

Summer - defined by cool and light coloring with subtle hair/skin/eye contrast. Celebrities in this color code include Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Middleton (in particular when sporting highlights). Although Summers with the lightest, brightest eyes can pull off a crimson, pink-hued reds like raspberry are less harsh and cool, light pinks are perfect for your fair features.

Keep in mind that these color cues are most important for tops and accessories worn closest to the face. Less flattering reds and pinks can always be worked into an outfit as bottoms or shoes without issue.

I hope this helped clarify which colors of love should be attracting you!

If you're interested in what your best versions of all colors are (or you're still unclear what season you fall into), check out the Style Define & Align virtual service. It covers your best colors, as well as, your shape and personal style.

All my Best,


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